Day 13: Prayer Theft

As I was talking with a good friend last night we came to a conclusion about prayer: we rob people of it often. Here are a couple of ways how.

The “I’ll pray for you” line – a lot of times this is just church speak for “That sucks. Hope it works out for ya.” This can happen a lot in person but is also really common now in the world of social media. But there is another, more subtle way that I think we rob each other in prayer.What about the times that we say “I’ll pray for you” and mean it? We go home and pray for them. Seems good, doesn’t it? But I think one of the great blessings in prayer is to hear someone pray for you. It’s cool to know someone is praying, but it is often incredibly beautiful and powerful when you actually get to listen in as someone talks to God on your behalf.

Most Christians believe in the power of prayer but feel dumb doing it in front of others. I’m going to be blunt here and say that this is an incredibly selfish stance. It is making prayer more about you and your comfort than the person’s need.

Here’s how I believe we combat this: whenever someone shares a need with you for prayer, pray right then and right there. Why wait? If you’re like me, you’ve got enough going on that you may forget to pray later. So do it right away. And get used to praying online or via text. We live in a world where texting, Facebook, and Twitter are primary forms of communicating. It may feel weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. I text pray with and for my friends a lot.

If we make praying for someone right away, with them instead of just for them then we get the practice and we give them an incredible gift of letting them be a part of our conversation with God on their behalf.


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  1. Completely agree with this. Its kind of a a shame that I usually receive an alarmed look when someone tells me about a need they have or some need of prayer and I say let’s pray right now… but as far as text prayer, it still alludes me, mostly because I hate texting on my touch screen probably. Email prayers I’ve begun to embrace…

  2. Adam Lockhart

    It’s the auto-spell correct isn’t it? God only knows what auto-correct could do to a text prayer…

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